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Conference 2019

October 8-11, 2019

Charles Palmer

Harrisburg University

Professor Palmer is the Executive Director of the Center for Advanced Entertainment and Learning Technologies, and chair of the undergraduate program in Interactive Media at Harrisburg University. In these roles, he oversees the design and development of ventures in new and emerging technologies and mentors students on research projects in the fields of augmented and virtual reality, mobile computing, web application development, video production, desktop manufacturing (3d printing), motion graphics and interactive games.

Outside of the university, Mr. Palmer is a technologist, author and international speaker, lecturing on virtual reality, data scientist, 3d printing, esports, gamification, and simulations linking learning and research to practical outcomes.


(B2): Designing Visual Stories
9 October 2019 01:00 PM–02:00 PM

Using Twine and Storymaps, students will be introduced to the craft of digital storytelling. This hands-on activity will walk students through the design and development process of constructing, testing, and telling a story. This breakout session is designed for the computer lab.

(C3): Social Media Analytics
9 October 2019 02:00 PM–03:00 PM

An introductory look at using math to quantify the reach of social media. Hands-on workshop in the computer lab.